Bts reaction parents walk in

Jin was a sweetheart. Not just to you, but to your son too. Sometimes he was a little too sweet. He would say yes to something you already said no to and it would cause a slight altercation. This time though, it went way to far. The issue was blown out of proportion and created a two week argument between you and your son.

He never said the words, I hate you, but you knew he was thinking it the whole time. You could see it written all over his face. Your frustration with your son also manifested in a kind of disgust with Jin. You make me look bad and now our son hates me. Originally posted by seokjins-wings.

[ENGSUB] BTS helps a crying JIN find his parents among the CROWD

Yoongi had always been the stricter parent. He was the one who said no, why was she taking it out on you? Of course, you agreed with him parents gotta be a united front and all thatbut she was giving you both the silent treatment this time around and you found it a little uncalled for. You were trying to talk to her one day, but after a while of ignoring you, she just got up and stormed away muttering under her breath. What the hell did you do? What did I do? What if she just hates me forever?

Now please go to sleep.

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You may or may not have bribed her with ice cream though.Namjoon would just stare at you, remaining silent for a few moments as he contemplated the idea. Of course, he wanted to but the idea of your parents hearing the two of you was too embarrassing. Yoongi would find himself getting lost in the way your lips felt against his own, moving to positioning himself between your legs as the two of you kissed. Hoseok would be finding it hard to contain his own groans as you straddled his lap, grinding down against the growing bulge in his sweats.

His hands would grip your hips tighter, halting your movements as he pulled away from your lips. Jimin would pull away from your lips when it got too heated, moving you off of his lap and sitting you down on the bed beside him with a small chuckle.

You and Taehyung would already be in a mess of tangled limbs on the bed, his lips on yours and most of your clothes already discarded on the floor. Jungkook would have your back pressed against the door of your bedroom the moment you both walked into the room, his lips crashing down onto your own.

Akdjfkf, thank you!! You're amazing and can come and go as you damn well please!!! Anonymous asked: Omg, welcome back! Thank you!! Been going through it mentally but good thing is that I got a new phone yesterday and I love it! And oooh new phone? None of it sounds mean at all! You can do whatever u want with your blog! If they don't like something, then they should leave!

I mean, this is not a job and you don't have to write if you don't want to either It's not like u get paid for this or like we're wasting our money on you! You're just sharing your amazing writing with us and we should be grateful! Dont feel pressured though because honestly its the worst feeling.

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Yee yee anon, I love it akskd thank you so much!! I hope everything is good! Ahhh somewhat? Kinda nervous but also happy ahhh, how are you? See this in the app Show more.One for him and one for his son. Do you not learn? You started to laugh but Jin stopped you when he held his sandwich up to your face.

Originally posted by softfluffytae. He walked into the classroom, hoping to get the meeting over with relatively quickly so he could get back home to sleep after his long day of work, but the second he saw you he wanted time to stop. His jaw nearly dropped, he had to put his hand over his mouth to stop himself. He walked up to you, the gorgeous woman, and shook your hand. His mind kept wondering elsewhere. Are you available this weekend.? Originally posted by yoongsb.

Like father like son, they were monsters of destruction. While the son went around accidentally breaking utensils, here comes the father waltzing in and breaking a desk.

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You were frowning but it soon turned into a smile when you saw how helpless this man was. And everything my son broke. Just give him some mercy. As he saw your broken heart through your eyes, he started to chuckle. Just keep those tears off that pretty little face.

Originally posted by trash-for-bangtan. But boy oh boy was he surprised to see a stunning woman with a bright personality. You were smiling so big when you introduced yourself he thought he was meeting an angel. He listened to you as you talked. Your sweet voice was like music to his ears and he could start dancing.

He just adored your reaction. You squealed softly and gently kicked your feet. Originally posted by kpopscribbles. Share your toys.

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Share share share. When he walked in and he saw his son lookin all guilty, he was not pleased. But when he looked up to see a beautiful woman he thought he was thrown straight into heaven.I hope you all enjoy this reaction and hopefully I will post a scenario either the next part to my Unfair series or another scenario I am almost finished writing today.

I hope you all have a good day filled with love, happiness and smiles! Love you my precious baby stars!

bts reaction parents walk in

Sehun : Your parents told you that they would be at some opera for the most of the night, meaning that you would have the house to yourself. When you witnessed their car drive off your property and drive off towards the centre of town where they said the opera would be held, you immediately texted Sehun to come over and he was there in less than five minutes, amusing you because he usually took his time making his way to your house.

Lay: You asking Lay to come over in the middle of the night was only out of pure innocence, no wrong motive behind it because you only asked him to come over because you had a really bad nightmare and really needed him in that moment.

Half asleep, Lay would rush over to your house, climbing in through the window to get into your bedroom, accidentally knocking some books off your book shelf that sat at your window. Your parents would have heard the disturbance from your room when Lay accidentally knocked over some of your books and would have slowly made their way into your room asking if everything was okay. Originally posted by deerxings. Even after many protests stating that he would get sick too and your parents would be coming home soon, Baekhyun still stayed and took care of you, ending up cuddling you in his arms after hours spent together.

Sadly, this moment was ruined when your parents came back from work early and went up to your room to check if you were feeling any better, surprised to find Baekhyun in bed with you.

BTS REACTIONS: A child coming on to you, while on a date with them

He would have looked at the door right when it began to open, pulling a slightly surprised face and blinking repeatedly when his eyes laid on your parents standing at your door. Since you had fallen asleep, Baekhyun would of have to face your parents alone, explaining to them that he only came here to check up on you and give you some things so you could get better, apologizing with a polite bow before he collected his stuff and left.

Originally posted by lobbu-lobbu. You two both stopped running, your water guns lowering when you both stared at your parents who arrived early from their trip, Chanyeol looking back at you just to confirm that what he saw was real.

Originally posted by totallyyehet. Kai: You would have invited Kai inside your house after he offered to walk you home after you missed the bus, Kai sheepishly walking inside with a small shy and embarrassed smile on his face as he walked into your house. The silence between the two of you was comforting, you two finding peace within the silence. Your heads would have turned in the direction of the door, surprised to see your mother had returned from work earlier than usual.

Originally posted by satanlordsoo. Suho would have awoken completely when he read your texts, rushing to your house and struggling to successfully climb into your window without making a noise or hurting himself. Originally posted by britamin-graphics. O: You would have invited Kyungsoo over just for a peaceful time alone with each other at your house for the first time ever. You two would have spent the calm afternoon drinking warm hot chocolate, listening to soft music and cuddling with each other.

Unfortunately your calming afternoon would be ruined when your parents came storming into your room, demanding to know who Kyungsoo was and why was he here alone with you in your bedroom. Kyungsoo would have blushed deeply with a shy smile, apologizing to your parents as well as introducing himself to them, wishing them a good night before he left, knowing he should have stayed home instead of getting busted by your parents for being in your room alone.

BTS Struggles & Hardships (What Can We Learn From This?)

Originally posted by essentyeol. Chen: You would have invited Chen over to keep you company because your parents said they would be out for the rest of the night, things escalating quickly between the two of you as he hovered over you, kissing your lips passionately.Also, thank you guys so much for 3, followers!

Sincerely, a Hyungline Ho. Anonymous said: You should do the Child walking in on you having sex with the Hyung line!! The Maknae one was so good! Originally posted by ksjknj.

You and Yoongi had been in too much of a rush to get fully undressed, so he simply took off his pyjama bottoms and you lifted up his shirt which, yes you wear to bedyou knew your son could wake up and come in at any time but you two were just too needy, so you knew you had to be quick. Can we have pancakes for breakfast?

Pretend to be asleep.

bts reaction parents walk in

Originally posted by yoongiyi. You were completely naked; however he was entirely clothed still. Is mummy okay? She sounded sad.

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Originally posted by jaayhope. It seemed every time you and Namjoon tried to have sex or do anything remotely intimate, your 3-year-old girl would come in, it was almost like she had a sixth sense. Tonight, you both took special measures, the most important being you made sure she was asleep for at least an hour, so you knew she was actually asleep and you locked the door.

Honestly, it was worth the wait, Joon was pounding in to you, that plus the vibration of the toy resting on your clit made your stomach ball up, you could feel your climax slowly creeping up on you, and so could Namjoon, he changed his position slightly so he could reach your g-spot with more ease, causing your moans to amplify, well, that was until you heard a little voice through the baby monitor.

How could you forget the freaking baby monitor? Originally posted by jimiyoong. Originally posted by jaayhope Namjoon: It seemed every time you and Namjoon tried to have sex or do anything remotely intimate, your 3-year-old girl would come in, it was almost like she had a sixth sense.

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Tagged: bts reactions bts texts bts scenarios bts members bts bts masterlist masterlist bts cute bts fluff bts funny bts smut bts angst bts hyung line bts maknae line bts jin kim seokjin BTS suga min yoongi bts jhope jung hoseok bts rm Kim namjoon BTS jimin park jimin bts v kim taehyung BTS jungkook jeon jungkook.Originally posted by suga-com. Jin: You guys climbed out of the shower and wrapped towels around yourselves, smiling at each other sheepishly. He placed a sweet kiss to the top of your head.

Originally posted by hugtae. Jungkook would run out, flustered, in a matter of moments. Originally posted by jinpout.

bts reaction parents walk in

Hobi: Honestly, he strikes me as the type to laugh during awkward situations. Originally posted by rookieking. Originally posted by taejin.

Originally posted by baebsaes. It would be hot. Originally posted by sugutie.

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It would constantly be on his mind. He would be so completely embarrassed. Reactions, imagines, scenarios, most to least, confessions,snaps. Open to suggestions. Run by admin Haru. February Anonymous asked: Can you do a BTS reaction where one of the members and the reader girlfriend get caught taking a shower together by the others?

Either while they're still in the shower or just getting out or whatever doesn't matter :. Originally posted by jinpout Hobi: Honestly, he strikes me as the type to laugh during awkward situations.

Anonymous bts bts imagines bts reactions bts scenarios bts ships bts snaps bts mtl kpop imagines kpop reactions kpop scenarios kpop ships kpop snaps kpop mtl idol imagines idol reactions idol snaps idol ships idol mtl.The kiss between Namjoon and you had grown intense pretty quickly, you were now both sat on the couch, his hands trailing under the fabric of your top to your breasts, squeezing the flesh as his lips remained attached to your own.

Both of you were sat on the couch cuddling as you watched a movie, soon the cuddling turned to small pecks, which soon turned into an intense makeout session. Why are you not out? Despite having the dorm to yourselves or so you thought you and Yoongi decided to have an early night, cuddled up in bed together. Your small goodnight kisses soon grew into something heavier, you moving to straddle his hips as you kissed.

His hands gripped onto your hips as he ground up into yours, a small groan from him escaping into the kiss. You both came to a halt as you heard the bedroom door open, Yoongi was quick to sit up, holding your body against his own as he looked displeased at Jin who had just walked in.

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Hoseok decided to stay late at the studio to work on his dancing, but soon enough his attention was on you and you were pressed up one of the mirrors, his hands gripping tightly around your wrists as he pinned them above your head as you kissed.

Opening your eyes slowly you were quick to notice a flustered Jimin stood by the door. As soon as you walked through the door, his lips were on yours, pushing your back against the wall as he kicked the door shut. You obeyed, and he hoisted you up, wrapping your legs around his waist as the kiss deepened. He slowly pulled away from your lips and set you back down on the floor, turning he saw Yoongi staring at you both.

Taehyung would be resting comofrtably between your legs, his lips on yours as your innocent tickle fight turned into a heated make-out session. His fingers tugged at the fabric of your shirt, slowly pulling it up and over your head before connecting his lips back to yours again, letting the shirt fall somewhere on the floor. A low growl would fall from his lips as his hips ground down onto your own, he was quick to pull away when he heard someone cough from across the room.

bts reaction parents walk in

When you both looked up, there stood Jimin looking rather flustered. Although he told you that he just wanted to play video games, you soon found yourself on his bed with him hovering over you, his lips on yours.

Just has he said that, his bedroom door opened. Jungkook swiftly pulled away and looked over to Namjoon stood in the door way. Akdjfkf, thank you!! BTS Reaction Member walking in during heated make-out. Kim Namjoon The kiss between Namjoon and you had grown intense pretty quickly, you were now both sat on the couch, his hands trailing under the fabric of your top to your breasts, squeezing the flesh as his lips remained attached to your own.

You're amazing and can come and go as you damn well please!!!

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